We recognize the obvious importance

Caring for your camera is an integral part of getting great shots. While today’s cameras are very resilient and durable, dust, dirt and other contaminants can still ruin great photos.

At Downtown Camera, we know that cleaning a camera can be an intimidating task, as well as time consuming. For that reason, we offer our valued customers camera care solutions they need to ensure their photography experience will never be defaced with a rogue piece of dirt.

Your sensor is the eye of your camera, so having dirt in there is only going to cause you trouble. Dirt and dust on the sensor will lead to random blobs and spots on photos, ruining even the best shots. We offer in-house sensor cleaning for all brands of digital cameras, including cleaning the sensor face itself, and cleaning the inside of the camera as well. We use only the best tools to bring your sensor back to like-new image quality. We have a quick turnaround as well, ensuring that dirt and dust won’t ruin your pictures, or cost you a day of shooting. Please have a fully charged battery on the day of the cleaning.

Digital camera technology is always advancing, and as such there are often updates that come available for your camera that make minor or even major improvements to its function. Getting these upgrades to the camera’s firmware (its brain, if you will) can be a bit scary, as an improperly applied firmware patch can ruin a camera instantly. Downtown Camera offers firmware upgrades for all brands of cameras, so you can get the full benefit from your camera and avoid a mistake that results in a costly paperweight. While firmware updates aren’t necessarily critical, they can often result in great improvements in areas like focusing, image quality, and more. Come see us to guarantee your camera is at its best.

When the worst case situation happens, its time to give us a call

Let us help you get your repair into the right hands…
– We only send to local manufactures and professionals to repair your gear
– We handle all transactions
– Don’t have your receipt? We can look up your customer profile and search for your purchase.

It happens to everybody. You get a great lens, and want to pop on a filter to get the best image possible. But then somehow, the filter gets stuck. Rather then attacking your lens with a wrench (or any other equally bad idea) come see us. We have tools and technicians available that will not only get that filter off your lens, but also work to make sure it doesn’t become a recurring issue.

Camera Care Services