Digitizing Film and Prints

Scan or Copy to Print

Need a copy of an old family photo? We use the best scanners to convert your printed photos, film negatives and mounted slides to digital. Just drop off your 35mm, 120, or printed photos off and let us know which print size and finish you would like! Quality discounts are available for orders with over 100 items.

* $5.00 minimum

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High Quality Film Scanning

We use the finest of the finest!

Our lab is fitted with the Noritsu HS 1800. This scanner allows us to scan 135 (35mm), 120, 220, mounted slides, and APS film at high speeds while not compromising quality. This enables us to keep our reputation for fast turnaround.

We have file type and resolution options.

When you drop off your film to be scanned we give you the option of scanning to jpeg, tiff, or Xtra High-Res Tiff. Keep in mind that if you want us to scan to CD, there will be an additional $1.00 charge while dropbox is free.

Don’t have a CD Drive? Bring in a USB.

Our scans are burned onto CDs but if you would like your scans to be put on a USB stick please feel free to drop one off with your film! The environment will thank you.

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