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We, at Downtown Camera, understand the joys of shooting in film which is why we offer a mail-in film service. This allows us to extend our services past the walls of our Toronto based store giving those across Canada access to film processing. Send us your well-packaged colour, black and white, and slide film along with the filled out order form and you'll have your film in no time!

We Charge as "Econo"
We consider mail-in film as an "econo" service and therefore qualifies for our most economical pricing option with processing times of 4-7 business days for colour film and Black and White film. For Slide film, we have partnered with trusted specialized photo-lab companies to process this type of film but can take up to 3 weeks for processing. Please remember these service times are after receipt of your payment.

We Ship Back Your Negatives
We will ship back your negatives unlike most other film-finishing providers. Please select a shipping method and we will arrange to send you back your film negatives/positives unless you wish to have them destroyed or can arrange for local pick up.

We Offer Email Transfer
For our scanning services, we will email you a link upon processing. This way you can see your images right away! The link is good for 30 days so there is plenty of time to download your copy.


General Questions:

Q: How do I pay for my order?

A: Once we receive and process your order, we will send you an invoice via Paypal that can be paid with any major debit, credit card or via Paypal.

Q: I don't have a printer! How do I print off the form?

A: You don't need to print off the form if you don't have a printer. Use it as a guide to tell us what you want done to your film (What scan sizes? Print sizes? Matte/glossy paper, border?, How to return your processed order?). If we have any questions, we'll call you! Please make sure to be available for our phone call. Ask us for one or a few of our envelopes to use next time too!

Q: Can I get a rush on my mail-in order?

A: We treat all rush orders on a case by case basis with a limited number according to our capacity. Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Processing Questions

Q: What if I want to develop only?
A: Then you must select a shipment method so we can get your negatives/positives back to you.

Q: Can you push/pull film?
A: Yes, we can. It costs $3.50 per roll to push or pull your film. We can push up to 3 stops and pull ½ stop for colour and 1 stop for black-and-white film.

Q: Do you develop disposable cameras?
A: Yes, we do! For services and pricing, please refer to our price list for 35mm films, available below!

Q: What happens if I have a square negative and want prints?
A: If you select 4" prints you will receive 4"x4" square prints rather than the 4"x6" standard size. This also applies to 5" prints.

Q: When will I get my email transfer link and why did I get links one by one?
A: Once we process your order we will send you an email with the link. To be efficient, we work in batches, so if you give us different film formats and request for different services, you will get more than one link as we process your order. For example, if you sent us colour and black-and-white film, you will get 2 links as we have separate machines for each operating at different capacities.

Q: Do I get a CD if I email transfer?
A: Unless indicated in "special instructions", you will not receive a CD in your parcel. It will cost an extra $1.00 to make a CD and will need to be requested.

Q: Do you cut negatives into strips?
A: If you choose to pick standard shipping 35mm film will be cut into strips of 4 unless indicated otherwise. We do not cut 120 film as we don't have machine to do so.

Shipping Questions:

Q: How much is shipping?
A: $5 for Letter size shipping(Qualifying Orders Only)
$15 for Expedite Parcel (Includes Tracking Number)

Q: Is my return shipment tracked?
A: If you requested the Expedited Shipment option, you will receive an email with the tracking number once your order is about to be shipped. We ship with Canada Post

Q: How does my order qualify for Letter size shipping ?
A: Because of size requirements we are only able to ship small orders under standard shipping fees.

For example; 1 roll of 35mm film with 1 set of prints.

If you select this option and your order does not qualify for standard shipping we will automatically switch to Expedited Shipping. This will be reflected in the invoice we send you prior to processing your order.

Q: Do I get appreciation stamps when I mail in film?
A: Yes, we are offering stamps for mail-in orders.

Didn't see your question? Please email us at or call us at 416-363-1749!

We are not liable for lost or damaged film coming to and from Downtown Camera. Please package your film with care!

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