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Introducing the Profoto Connect Pro

Introducing the Profoto Connect Pro

Easy and efficient workflow at your fingertips

The Profoto Connect Pro brings improved functionality and enhances the user experience of the Profoto AirX technology to an on camera remote available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm Leica and a non TTL models.

The new Profoto Connect Pro offers new features and updates including:

Being able to see individual lights power settings and adjusting them in absolute numbers.
User can also select to display in the traditional Air TTL Style
Improved TTL/Group control
Improved battery life and indicator
Ability to use recyclable batteries
Up to 100 channels (will be made available to the D2 and D2i in Fall 2022)•Large and intuitive display
New to the Profoto TTL-system a Leica version will be available.

One trigger, a world of connectivity and control

Uncomplicated - Less fiddling with buttons and manuals means more focus on image creation

On your terms - Custom control across all your Profoto lights through the unique AirX technology.

Durable - Consistency flash after flash

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