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Photography keeps us close when we have to be apart

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Photography keeps us close when we have to be apart


By Nicole Edwards ©2020 Postmedia Network Inc.


Photography can capture special moments in time, both historic and personal. These days, photographs have taken on even more significance because of the pandemic; friends and families rely on them to keep up with each other's lives from a distance.

Harry Mac, EVP of Downtown Camera, has had a unique vantage point into the way the pandemic has changed people’s relationships with photography.  

“People are perfecting their craft and fine-tuning their skills,” said Mac. Lately, he’s been meeting with people taking up photography for the first time duringCOVID-19. “There’s therapeutic value in slowing down and taking a photograph of what matters to them.”

For over 40years, Downtown Camera has served the photographic community from one generation to the next, offering guidance on the big choice of which camera gear to invest in. The community that has grown out of the store’s patrons and staff is something Mac is proud of.

“Lots of specialty stores are all about technical jargon, or showing off flashy new devices,” he said. “Our priority is making sure people leave the store with a camera that they’re really going to love and use.”

Like most businesses, the Downtown Camera team had to reimagine their shopping experience when the pandemic hit. Their new system makes purchasing a camera safe and easy.

First, use the store’s online chat function to contact someone from their team without leaving your house. Each message is answered by a real, knowledgeable staff member that will help you narrow your search to a few choice options. Next, book a video call with staff; they’ll show you the cameras up close and answer your questions.

Then comes the most exciting step—making that trip down to the store during their temporary COVID hours to try that gear you’ve narrowed down in your search.

“The ergonomic considerations when you buy a new camera are unique to each individual. It’s important that the camera feels good in your hands,” said Mac.

Once you’ve made the purchase, it’s time to start creating memories! But taking pictures is just part of the battle. Printing photos for friends and family is the perfect, personalized gift to send this holiday season. “It makes people feel loved to see themselves in a framed photo of your favourite memories,” said Mac.

In an era of digital images that come and go, holding photos in your hands brings a rare feeling of happiness. At Downtown Camera, there is a full suite photo and printing lab ready for all your framing and enlarging needs. Don’t just keep those photos on a phone or a computer. Get them printed for the perfect, personalized photo gift during this holiday season. Get advice on how to bring your visions to life, and let Downtown Camera assemble your best work to share with your loved ones.

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