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The blog is back, and Kendrick Astro has your solar filters (see bottom!)

The blog is back, and Kendrick Astro has your solar filters (see bottom!)

Out of respect for the departing blog team, the secret DTC rooftop Blog HQ &employee wave pool will be permanently closed –at least for the rest of the week (we’re being respectful, not irrational).

Building upon the work of the original blog team, our new team aims to provide at least the same level of hard-hitting camera store blogging, promising to do so without prematurely shuttering operations on its first, second, or third day of posting.

What are we to do with 300 ‘TDCBFPWRBMAAJSIGABFRAWMEAFOPAGATHATSUIBHYG’t-shirts? We know not, but with the changing of the guard comes a change indirection, and we are looking forward, forward and away from what, in hindsight, does not seem like the most well thought out name for really anything, much less a blog.

We have workshopped a couple new names, longer names that we felt were more appropriate, but our office label maker broke after printing only the first four characters, and so, as silly as it sounds, internally, the blog is being referred to as The Downtown Camera Blog.

Neat and concise, or brevity taken too far? We’ll leave that determination to you.

- the new blog team

Non-foolish eclipse addendum: If you’re still looking for a solar filter for your camera lens ahead of the April 8th solar eclipse, one such solution may be found with Toronto provider, (

While it’s typically fun and cool to MacGyver yourself through challenges that risk potential eye and camera sensor damage, in this instance, we believe that going at it with the proper prudence and respect for consequences is the way to go.

Since we are so close to the eclipse, and they are astronomers, the folks at Kendrick Astro do not presently have the time to field educational questions, but they do sell astro filters that are fixed over top of your camera lens, allowing you to safely capture photos of the sun (eclipse or not).

Kendrick Astro filters are white-light solar filters that incorporate AstroSolar Safety Film from the Baader Planetarium. These filters are not made of glass, nor will they produce images of a warm, orange sun. The sun, after all, is white.

Given their busy schedule, they have provided some tips to ensure your solar filter orders go smoothly, below.

-You need to make a measurement of your lens. Kendrick Astro filters use a metal frame to clamp onto the outside of a tube. They are NOT threaded camera filters. The lens manufacturers do NOT publish the diameter of the lens body. Lens diameter yes, but the body (tube) is not published.


-Then look at filter models and look for the “spec” “fits tube diameter XXmm-YYmm”.


-Then place an online order at On the checkout page use the “comments” section to say that you will pick up (if you wish to pick it up).


-Choose the “pay by credit card” option, because the order will have a $25shipping charge which Kendrick Astro will ignore when they debit your card. The PayPal option is an instant payment and cannot be refunded.

- If you choose to do an in-store pickup, the last day for picking up your pre-ordered filters at Kendrick Astro would be April 6th. So, act fast.

Their preferred method of communication and placement of orders is:

1.Website first (most questions can be answered there)

2.Then tech support at

3.Lastly, telephone at 416 762 7946. 


Please note, Kendrick Astro is not a typical retail store, and so you cannot just walk in without first calling them.

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